Friday, May 21, 2010

Am not sure what this is. That's probably why I bought it -- at the grocery store! Clearly, it cannot be edible to anyone or anything on this earth?


  1. Maybe it's a pinata? I'm not sure though, I've never seen one shaped like this. I do like the colors! If I were to hang one outside here today, it would dissolve in the rain within minutes! We're having a deluge.

    I love the duckling in your header - it looks like he wants to get to that keyboard just behind the glass, perhaps he wants to write a message?

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  2. This is so funny seeing this guy hanging on a shepherd's hook! A little irony goes a long way ;P

    I think it's a pinata also. You'll have to get inside the little guy to find out though but by now you're probably already attached to him :)

    (I know I would be, including naming him!)

  3. most assuredly a pinata. in the southwest u.s. and in mexico a pinata is usually seen at birthday parties, filled with candies. children, blindfolded of course, are given a chance to break it open using a big stick. the kiddies then scramble to collect the candies as they spill out.