Friday, January 1, 2010

Andy's poem for the new year

This is the poem I just received from my friend, Andrea LeBlanc. Wonderful poem for the new year!


On the first morning of a brand new year
Indeed a new decade
Standing outdoors in slippers and robe
A goldfinch sitting on my hand

Stunned (or content)
Safe from the chill of the snow
Where he fell
Heartbeats throbbing visibly
As minutes passed

Listening to the wingbeats of cardinals
Distinct amidst the flutter
Of birds busy
Before the coming storm

Grateful in the stillness
For the opportunity
To begin the year
With a kindness


  1. Ah, it touches the soul it does. I'm listening for the wingbeats before the coming storm...

  2. A beautiful poem to start the New Year. I'm glad you shared it.

  3. Somehow that poem made me cry! Something about the bird and the human, the freshness of the year, and the will to do good. Beautiful image.

    I've enjoyed poking around on your blog. You seem to live almost in symbiosis with the river. I have a friend who lives on the Wisconsin River. I am excited to show her your blog.