Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sorry to be repetitious but I am, as they say in Great Britain, gobsmacked. Today my neighbors put up a sign to show the snow where to fall. . .Or perhaps they are planning to sell snow this winter and are pointing to the site of their future snow store. It's hard to tell in cases like this just what's really going on. . .Any ideas?


  1. We had neighbors that put up a sign like that to tell the snow plow operator what direction to push the snow so it wouldn't block a certain area.
    You'll have to keep us updated!
    Sunny :)

  2. Hi Mekeel,
    Whatever the intention is, the word SNOW is not one of my favourite words. The way you love your boat is the way that I wish I could love snow. I can love a single flake, or even two, but not millions and billions and trillions. Still, I keep trying . . .