Saturday, July 18, 2009

Moon Man

Some high school kids bought up a batch of mice and let them go in assembly. Many were trampled to death. This little guy escaped and lived for six months at the Stratham SPCA. I adopted him on Halloween, full moon. Hence the name.
He's a pretty old guy now, almost three. So I was happy, just now, when he took a little sun bath and I was able to get some good pictures! He answers to his name, lets me pat him. And he has the most wonderful, petal-like ears.


  1. We used to have pet mice - they make awesome companions! Mine got out once and I woke up in the middle of the night to find they had crossed the room, went up on my bed, and were messing around in my hair. Not the best way to wake up, but I was glad they trusted me. Your Moon Man is a real cutie!

  2. Love the light in Moon Man's ears - so completely sweet! At school, this year, the Grade 1/2 class named their hamster Bat Man. One Friday, when there was a substitute teacher in their class Bat Man was suddenly missing in the middle of the morning. Pretty well put an end to any work that might have happened that day. I went to the principal and said, "Did you know Bat Man escaped?" He looked at me in the strangest way. I think he thought I was referring to something deeply metaphorical - there just had to be a deeper meaning to what I was talking about. At that point, he knew nothing about Bat Man's existence, although throughout the rest of the year, Bat Man made many escapes. And was always found again . . .

  3. Like the later photo - the translucency of the ears is amazing. So fragile, so sweet - and so good of you to adopt him/her? and the lovely dove as well.

    Your blog is eye candy - and with Dickenson thrown in? Wow. A wonderful respite to visit.