Monday, June 29, 2009

Maybe 6th wettest June ever

So far this June, we've had 6.5 inches of rain and this might well be the 6th rainiest June EVER. Not a contest I was hoping we'd win. So here are a few pictures from the garden. Everything's rain-varnished and even the zinnia (that's clearly had a few slug run-ins) is looking
radiant. The plant above is my first lima bean plant & I took its picture because I'm fairly certain it, too, will have slug visitors and probably won't survive. . .

As for the rain? I've learned that car pollution increases the likelihood of rain. Auto pollution from commuters builds up all week so that there's a 22% higher chance of rain on Saturday than on Monday.

Virga is the name of rain that falls but never reaches earth. (How I would love to see some of that!)

One source described various rain drops as being shaped like hamburger buns!, doughnuts
and parachutes.

And Ilor in Choco, Columbia gets the largest measured rainfall in the world at 523 inches a year! I guess what we've been having would seem like minor drizzle to them.


  1. Could you send some rain my way please??

  2. You must have gotten the monsoon rains we had here in Oregon in May! So far June has been gorgeous.