Monday, May 4, 2009

What Comes Round, Goes Round. . .Or . . .

How The Blind Cat Was Saved From Certain Death By. . .

I now have six baby squirrels that I'm feeding. Yesterday, the Center
for Wildlife called and asked if I could meet a man who'd found a
baby squirrel and drive the baby up to the Center. Of course. Almost
four weeks old, eyes still closed, wrapped in an orange washcloth
and set into a Super Crank Battery Box. I delivered the baby
to the Center and returned home to several small but
time consuming animals upsets.

I'd been home for quite some time when I realized that Izzy,
the blind cat, wasn't in the house. I live very close to a busy road and
never let the cats out. He'd probably been outside for at least an hour.
His chances for being alive? slim. I flew out of the house and looked
and looked -- no Izzy, no Izzy -- but a few minutes later heard the
outraged chattering of a squirrel in a tree.

And there was Izzy at the base of the tree, mesmerized by the
crazy squirrel be-bop. Oh, I know the squirrel was warning
everyone in the neighborhood that a big old bruiser of a cat was
loose and anyone of small means should hide their babies.
No way around it, the squirrel saved the cat from flat-dom.

(And who initially rescued the little blind baby? A hunter!)


  1. I am so glad you found your Izzy. And that the squirrel helped! What a wonderful pay-back story! You are a very special person to take care of God's smallest creatures. Thank you.

  2. Oh, how wonderful!!! I LOVE this story--and your photo is darling.

  3. Oh, how sweet! That's the size of the little squirrel I found that one dark night. His eyes were closed too--when they opened in the morning, and saw me, I'm sure he thought I was his mother--he would not be comforted by anyone but me. Dear little fellow.

    How funny about your kitty! He'd probably be mortally offended to know a squirrel saved his life!!! (grin)