Thursday, May 28, 2009


Just days ago, the temperature was in the middle 90s. Now, 47 degrees --
cold, wet weather. So I've started a list.

Reasons to Love the Rain:
(a few excerpts)
Because it is the first true lullaby a child remembers.
Because even if you are stranded thousands of miles
inland, the rain never fails to bring you news of the sea.
Because no one remembers your childhood more clearly
than the rain.
Because everyone believes the Doctors who say that blood
runs through our veins but what really keeps us alive
is the rain, after it has married the just opened
petals of the peony.


  1. How beautiful. We sometimes go walking in the rain ... puddle-stomping as we go. Very good memories.

  2. Oh, I LOVE the rain--I have such great memories of mud puddle stomping! Hahahaaa...I used to take the kids and their friends out in their worst old clothes, and we'd all go stomping in the mud puddles. Then we'd come back in, soaking wet and muddy--clean up then wrap up old blankets to sit out on the porch with a BIG cuppa hot chocolate. (sigh) Ah, that was such fun. I'm so glad for the memories.