Wednesday, March 11, 2009

As February was National Cake Month, I have been taking more interest in cakes. Imagine my surprise, driving to the Veterinarian's yesterday, to find a car in front of me advertising Fake Cakes For Weddings. A little internet investigation shows that this is a good business to get into, apparently. You present a beautiful fake on the main table and then feed your guests, as one company said, "Cheap sheet cake." What about the guests who get drunk and eat the styrofoam, covered with real icing?
That's what I'm wondering. . .

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  1. Well worth wondering about. Another simulacrum, of course (a friend of mine who's a UU minister got me looking into Baudrillard). It's as if the ubiquity of digital simulations-of-things is getting people used to the idea that the fake "is" the reality, or that a fake as a lead-in to a bait-and-switch is just business as usual. Have human beings always been that way?